A Cancer Support Program That Makes Sense

Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) is the global leader in technology in both the production and testing of herbal and dietary supplements. 
NSP has developed an incredibly successful cancer programme that should be followed in conjunction with your own medical cancer treatment.  It’s based on a combination of natural herbal supplements that taken together are extremely powerful and highly effective in destroying cancerous cells and strengthening the body’s immune system. 


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This excellent formula has been meticulously designed to promote macrophage activity in your body, leading to a chain reaction of immune activity, which will strengthen your entire system against enemy attack.

C-herb Internal elevates the activity of the immune system until the "issue" is no longer a risk factor this put a lot of stress on the system. Strenghtening the immune system with "Immune Stimulator" makes sense.

Please read this important additional information on this product

For maintenance, take 1 capsule between meals two or three times daily. 
For periods of immune-system stress, take 6-10 capsules daily between meals. 


Advantages of using Protease on an empty stomach

* Protease boosts immune defenses fighting viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite pathogens.
* Protease purifies your blood, breaking down protein invaders.
* Protease accelerates healing from breast and fibroids and sebaceous cysts.
* Protease reduces food allergies. Malabsorption of protein is extremely common.

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Paw Paw Cell-Reg is a unique powerful product that selectively targets ‘abnormal’ cells to inhibit the cell’s ability to produce its own energy, therefore preventing it from growing.  Paw Paw Cell-Reg is patented and is exclusive to Nature’s Sunshine Products. 

This supplement contains over 50 active compounds from the Paw Paw (otherwise known as Papaya) plant called ‘acetogenins’.  Acetogenins affect the production of ATP in the mitochondria (the energy powerhouse) within each cell.  ATP is the major source of cellular energy.  By selectively disrupting the production of ATP in specific ‘abnormal’ cells, the acetogenins reduce the growth rate of the blood vessels that nourish the cancer cells, rendering them more dormant.  

Paw Paw Cell-Reg is an excellent alternative or indeed a logical supplement to be taken alongside chemotherapy.  Studies show that its bioactive components can indeed shrink cancer tumours.  Research recently conducted by Dr Fred Valeriote from the Ford Cancer Clinic in the US, showed that when Paw Paw Cell-Reg was added to a culture of cancer cells, the cancer cells died very quickly, illustrating the powerful effect of the supplement.

However, when both Paw Paw Cell-Reg and another amazing NSP supplement called Thai-Go were both added together, the live cancer cells died extremely quickly, with better synergistic results than when just one of these supplements was taken, making them even more powerful when taken together.  The great news is the Paw-Paw Cell-Reg only targets the cancer cells, unlike chemotherapy, which targets healthy cells too and severely compromises the immune system.

Nature’s Sunshine Paw Paw Cell-Reg is the only standardised acetogenin product available.  It utilises an extract of the twigs from the North American paw paw tree, which contains the most concentrated amount of acetogenins. 

Standardisation is significant because the concentration of active acetogenins in pawpaw twigs changes according to various conditions, including the time of year in which they are harvested. Cheaper non-standardised alternatives are available, but they have shown to be not as 'effective' or 'powerful'; a factor which is not that helpful for those suffering with a rapidly-growing cancerous condition.  Each capsule contains 12.5 mg of standardised paw paw twig extract.

IMPORTANT: Only those patients with cellular abnormalities should take this powerful supplement on a regular or daily basis.  You should not take this product if you are pregnant, think you may become pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding. 

Further info and Scientific papers about Paw Paw can be located at:

Tree of Light Publishing


The liver performs its role as food inspector, detoxifier, and gives it the wherewithal to be your own metabolic chemical plant.
After the food has been inspected and detoxified, it is allowed to flow into the body for general circulation.

The liver is the second largest organ in the human body. It performs a large number of functions that are essential to the health of all body systems.
The liver aids in metabolism and digestion, and is a major detoxifying organ, breaking down and neutralizing harmful toxic substances. The liver plays a role in the production of blood-clotting substances and produces much of the body’s cholesterol, which is required for the synthesis of hormones and the maintenance of healthy cell membranes. The liver also aids in controlling blood sugar levels by releasing stored glucose when blood sugar levels fall too low.

This vital organ is susceptible to many diseases and conditions that can impair liver function, some of which include cirrhosis, hepatitis, and cancer. Some causes of liver damage and disease include alcohol, environmental pollutants, medications, and viral infections.

Common sense: When using c-herb, the immune system will force the body to evacuate a lot of unwanted "toxins" putting an extra burden on the liver. Your liver needs all the help it can get in that situation!


Chlorophyll feeds a weakened bloodstream and helps to detoxify “dirty” blood. This green gold does not need to be digested so it assimilates quickly into the bloodstream. Women who suffer severe blood loss from childbirth or miscarriage benefit greatly from this producer as it helps the body move iron from storage and mobilize it in the blood.

Both forms of chlorophyll will act as an interceptor molecule and block the absorption of aflatoxins (known carcinogens) and other cancer-causing chemicals that are commonly found in today’s diet. Researchers in the early 1980s discovered that chlorophyll inhibits the ability of dangerous chemicals to cause mutations in bacteria. Many modern day cancers stem from mutation of genes. If mutation continues, it upsets the delicate balance of the human body and cell damage is inevitable. Some scientists believe that chlorophyll is important for prevention of bacterial mutation and cell damage leading to cancer.

Researchers in the early 1980s discovered that chlorophyll and related chemicals can inhibit the ability of certain DNA-damaging chemicals to cause mutations in bacteria. Chlorophyll is also effective in reducing toxins caused by pesticides and drug residue by purging them from the body. The liquid is helpful for bloating and helps to expel gas because it contains spearmint oil.

Applying liquid chlorophyll topically reduces infections and helps with the control of skin problems. Chlorophyll was used in World War II as a first aid treatment for wounds and infections.

Liquid chlorophyll is very helpful for reducing body odor and is currently being by used hunters all over the world. Liquid chlorophyll is put into a capsule and hunters are instructed to ingest 100 mg. of liquid chlorophyll one time a day 3-5 days prior to hunting and once daily during the hunt. This regimen eliminates a hunter’s body odor so animals cannot detect him.

Chlorophyll acts as a “photoreactive” substance; it generates free radicals or electrons when reacting with light in creating oxygen. Free radicals are very destructive to cells and the DNA. Nature impregnates chlorophyll with anti-free radical factors or antioxidants to prevent the plant from destruction by pollution, molds or disease.


Increase Oxygen Levels

* Cancer cells are anaerobic, which means they live and thrive in a low oxygen environment. They are able to get their energy by metabolizing nutrients, notably sugars and carbohydrates, without oxygen, in a fermentative process.

* Cancer cells cannot survive in a high oxygen environment, so keeping the body well oxygenated inhibits cancer. Do this by getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Breathe deeply. If you smoke, quit.