Alzheimer's Disease
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

According to the Center For Disease Control
"Alzheimer's disease is perhaps the most common form of dementia, although several others exist. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease of the brain.

In the early stages
, people experience some memory loss which progresses to marked memory loss, then to a decrease in thinking ability such as decision making. Later the disease leads to the loss in the ability to perform activities of daily living or recognize loved ones. The changes in the brain that often mirror the decline in thinking are the development of plaques and tangles in the brain. These changes may begin in areas of the brain associated with memory, but later spread more widely throughout the brain. The plaques and tangles can lead to a gradual loss of connections between brain cells and eventually cell death.

Alzheimer’s disease usually occurs in individuals who are 60 years old and older.
Starting at age 65, the risk of developing the disease doubles every five years. By age 85 years and older, between 25 and 50 percent of people will exhibit signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Up to 5.3 million Americans currently have Alzheimer’s disease. By 2050, the number is expected to more than double due to the aging of the population. Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and is the fifth leading cause among persons age 65 and older.

There are a number of studies that suggest behaviors that might lessen the risk of developing the disease.
Among these are increasing physical activity, having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, maintaining social engagement, and participating in intellectually stimulating activities.

Some studies suggest that the prevention of diseases that damage blood vessels such as heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes may also lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s disease."

Most of the remedies listed below are more for prevention than they are for a cure.

Most herbal and nutritional remedies will slow the progress of Alzheimer's, but may not completely halt or reverse the progress of the disease.

High levels of aluminum have been found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients, but most experts now agree this is not a cause of the disease.

However, it is still wise to protect the body from this heavy metal by avoiding aluminum cook-ware, especially when preparing acidic foods like tomatoes.

Also avoid antiperspirant deodorants that contain compounds and baking powder with aluminum.

To prevent Alzheimer's
* Eat good fats and avoid bad fats.
* Minimize exposure to alcohol, tobacco and environmental toxins.
* Eat generous servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
* Keep your brain active as it seems to increase its vitality and may build its reserves of brain cells and connections.
* Stay curious and involved. Read, write, work crossword or other puzzles.
* Attend lectures and plays.
* Enroll in courses at your local adult education center, community college or other community group.
* Play games.
* Try memory exercises.

Once Alzheimer's has started
1. Antioxidants can slow deterioration.
2. Mind-Max may be helpful in enhancing cognitive function in Alzheimer's patients.
3. It may also be helpful to improve circulation to the brain and chelate toxic metals by doing an Oral Chelation program.

Below is a list of suggested products. Those in bold are key products for the health issue explained on this page.
We strongly recommend to call us so that we can help you select the right product(s) based on what we shall hear from you (age, symptoms etc.)

Also make sure to consult with your Medical Doctor to follow progress etc.

Heavy Metal Detoxification and Oral Chelation

Herbs: Ginkgo Biloba

Herbal Formulas: Ginkgo & Hawthorn

Herbal Extracts: CurcuminBP and Green Tea Extract

Nutrients: 7-Keto, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Co-Q1O, DHEA, Lecithin, MSM, N-Acetyl Cysteine and Vitamin B-12

Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin B-Complex

Nutraceuticals: Anxiousless, Brain-Protex w/ Huperzine, Focus Attention, Heavy Metal Detox, Mega-Chel, Mind-Max, Super Antioxidant and Thai-Go

Essential Oils: Clary Sage and Lemon