Sleepiness when sitting

This problem is identified as poor function of the gastrointestinal system, poor food combining, and sluggish energy after eating. Nausea, belching, appetite loss and abdominal pain are also symptoms of digestive weakness.

A cup of warm herbal tea is a relaxing way to end a meal and may also promote digestion. Peppermint exhibits spasmolytic activity on smooth muscles and stimulates the production of digestive fluids, which account for its carminative action. Catnip unlike other mints, has a tranquilizing effect that calms a nervous or weakened stomach.

Anti-Gas FormulaThis formula enables the digestive and detoxifying functions of the body. It deals with the treatment of stagnant and undigested food in the stomach and intestines.

This combination of herbs work to increase the production of digestive fluids and enzymes, soothe inflamed tissues, increase blood circulation, increase the flow of urine and are mildly laxative.


Spleen Activator It treats poor muscle tone, poor physical development in children, progressive loss of energy, cold feet, cramping in the legs, menstrual cramping and easy bruising.

It aids the entire digestive process, improves assimilation of foods,
enables muscle tone including those supporting the internal organs, promotes production of blood and relieves inflammation and infections of the gastrointestinal tract.

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And.. If your colon is not working properly (at least one bowel movement/day) then it is wise to start this program with a 15 days cleanse such as Tiao He Cleanse.

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Ionic Minerals

Ionic Minerals

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Tiao He Cleanse

Tiao He Cleanse