A Woman's Concern
When an issue in one body system arises, other systems are affected. Total health requires that all body systems be balanced.

A complete vitamin, mineral and herb tonic formula for gland, health and balance.
The glands regulate energy, fluids, hormone, digestion and just about every other body function.
Glandular balance is absolutely required for abundant health

Master Gland Formula


Add (based on symptoms below)
Wild Yam Emollient

Progesterone plays a vital role in maintaining hormonal balance in the female body.

Irregular menstrual cycle - Lack of menstruation - Bloating, swelling - Pain or tenderness associated with monthly periods
Blood congestion - Cramps - Heavy bleeding - Headaches associated with PMSĀ 

Pro-G-Yam 500


Add Flash-Ease
(if description below applies to you)

Black Cohosh Concentrate for Menopausal Discomforts.
Black Cohosh supports glandular balance for physical and chemical changes that occur during menopause. It can also be used for mild functional deficits after full or partial hysterectomy, PMS and juvenile menstrual disorders.

Add Ionic Minerals if your diet is not as healthy as it should be... Why? Read first

And.. If your colon is not working properly (at least one bowel movement/day) then it is wise to start this program with a 15 days cleanse such as Tiao He Cleanse.

Product ID: 310-5
Ionic Minerals

Ionic Minerals

Product ID: 3050-5
Tiao He Cleanse

Tiao He Cleanse