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Dr. Liu and his colleagues at MIT found that magnesium L-threonate (MgT), a vitamin C metabolite of magnesium, is indeed able to penetrate into the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex - the two areas of the brain known to shrink with age.


When saturated and processed fats, radiation, pesticides, lead, and other pollutants enter our body, they initiate the production of free-radicals. Taking antioxidant supplements is very helpful. There are many speculations about the connection of heavy metal poisoning and memory loss, including Alzheimer's disease. Aluminum deposits are found in the brains of people whose memory is impaired.

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Nourishes Your Thinking Spot for children and adults with over-stimulated and undernourished brains. Perfect for children and adults in need of mental nourishment.

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Ionic Minerals

Ionic Minerals

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Tiao He Cleanse

Tiao He Cleanse