Blood Sugar Products Quick Guide
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Key Products for the Pancreas

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Neutralize Sugar and Stress

Sweet FX also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels whether you are concerned about managing your weight or encouraging normal glucose balances.
Add some positive sweetness to your day with Sweet FX.

* Helps block the absorption of sugar
* Supports healthy blood sugar levels
* Reduces stress and helps improve your mood


It supports several body systems digestive, glandular, urinary and immune simultaneously.

* Helps the liver control blood sugar.
* Helps tone the pancreas.
* Enhances digestion.
* Builds immunity.
* Encourages urinary, prostate and glandular health.

This product supports several body systems digestive, glandular, urinary and immune simultaneously. These systems interrelate to control blood sugar levels, aid blood cleansing and provide protection from toxic or microbial attack.


AyurVedic formula
Helps to normalize the organs (pancreas and liver) that regulate blood glucose levels and body energy.
As a bonus, the entire digestive and glandular system is supported.
NSP's first Ayurvedic formula uses authentic indian herbs and developed with the cooperation of Indian Ayurvedic masters.

Herbal Combination Supplement.
Supports Liver and Pancreas.
Normalizes Blood Sugar.
Provides Glandular Support


Critical for regulation of blood sugar.

Chromium is the central atom of GTF. Insulin works with the GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) molecule to regulate blood sugar levels by transporting glucose into the body's cells.

The liver also needs Chromium to manufacture and control fatty acids, lecithin, cholesterol and lipoproteins.
Chromium is removed from foods such as wheat aud sugar cane by processing.

Contains chromium amino acid chelate in a base of red clover, yarrow and horsetail.


Garlic, capsicum and hawthorn berries (Combination HS II) should be considered in addition to herbs for the pancreas. In severe cases (of blood sugar issue) the Mega Chel program may be essential.

Note from FWN & BĂ©atrice Duplantier-Rhea N.D., M.H.

A healty lifestyle with: Live thoughts, live light, live air, live water and live food is a warrant for a balanced pH which is necessary for good assimilation of nutrients such as calcium, Chromium and Selenium