Environmental Pollution and Us

The phrase "Environmental Pollution" conjures up all sorts of images, like the following: Sooty skyscraper chimneys, like a long line of soldiers standing at attention, belching out clouds of smoke that billow skyward.

Lakes and streams shimmer with a halo of rainbow colored scum on the surface of the water. Almost beautiful, the sight of the colors undulating with the currents is marred by a closer look revealing the blackish, lifeless water with its sulfuric smell and stench of industrial pollutants.    

It is not a pretty picture, but it is a common one throughout the world, especially third world and former communist nations. Just two decades ago it was very common in the United States. Things are improving thanks to public awareness of the problem, but in spite of great strides, there is still a long way to go. It's a problem we all need to be concerned about for the sake of our own health and well-being as well as future generations.   

One of the side effects of this modern tragedy is how the soils have been depleted of microorganisms that convert minerals into a biologically compatible form, along with the residual effects of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Even worse, the soils have become so saturated with these chemicals and the air borne pollutants that have fallen back onto the soil, that these self same toxic agents are now in the ground water supplies-world wide! The soil is virtually dead and, as a result, our foods are lacking in vital nutrients.   

The glacial waters are diminishing as the glaciers recede from global warming due to increased carbon and environmental pollutants in the air. Samples of glacial ice tested 30 years ago show a lower level of environmental pollution than is seen in surface samples taken today.   

The point is that we are facing health challenges that no other people who have lived on the earth have ever faced before. Hence, we all need to be active in doing what we can to help clean up the pollution on our planet. However, our health and well being also demand that we pay serious attention to protecting our own bodies against the threats of environmental pollution.   

To combat environmental pollution, regardless of its sources, requires a strong immune system and a clean blood stream. It's the immune system that comes to the defense of the body to rid the system of toxins, environmental pollutants. The major challenge is counteracting the free radicals created by the interaction of these pollutants with the body's own naturally present chemicals.

Blood Purifiers - Building our Lines of Defense

The body's first line of defense in its battle with environmental pollution is the skin and the mucus membranes of the digestive tract and respiratory passages. Once pollutants have passed these protective barriers, it falls upon the eliminative organs, especially the liver and kidneys, to try to remove them. Certain enzyme functions, which remove chemicals from the body and counteract free radicals, also play a critical role in our defense.

There is a class of herbs known traditionally as blood purifiers. These plants have been used to "cleanse the toxins” from the blood and promote healthy skin. Blood purifiers of one sort or another have been used as "spring tonics" by grandmothers for generations, to help the body cleanse itself of waste.  Here is a breakdown of two excellent blood-purifying formulas, BP-X and Enviro-Detox, which can help protect your system from pollutants.

An important product that should always be used in any detox program is Herbal Trace Minerals. Why? Because all detoxification and immune enhancing processes of the body are driven by thousands of enzyme systems. At the core of every enzyme's structure is a trace element. If that trace element is not present, there is little or no enzyme activity. Therefore, it is important to provide the body with a full spectrum source of trace elements, such as those found in Herbal Trace Minerals. Having a mineralized body is one of the most economical ways to help the body in its ongoing fight against environmental pollution.

BP-X contains herbs that stimulate the liver, increase circulation, and help deal with many germs and pollutants. This product also assists the lungs in their battle with environmental pollutants by providing healthy clean blood to the lung tissues.

BP-X contains burdock root that has been used for centuries as a blood cleanser. It has been considered an antidote for mild poisoning. Buckthorn and cascara bark stimulate the liver and the muscles of the colon, thus improving elimination through the large intestine.

Pau d'arco is a strong anti-fungal and anticancer herb. It tonifies the liver and cleanses the blood.

Red clover stimulates the liver and gall bladder and has a centuries old reputation for cleaning the blood. It has also been a major part of many anticancer formulas. 

Peach bark has been used extensively in cancer treatments, especially of the skin variety, and like red clover, it is a fine blood cleanser. The bark of this fruit tree is also a diuretic and helps improve kidney function.  

Yellow dock is an herb that improves circulation by helping the body to assimilate iron, thereby increasing oxygen transport throughout the body. Oxygen is one of the key elements in battling all environmental pollutants. Yellow dock is also a gentle laxative.

Yarrow is one of the strongest circulatory cleansers known. Traditionally it has been used to reduce fevers and enhance cleansing through the pores of the skin. It also has properties that help, the body fight infections in the blood and lymph. 

Sarsaparilla root contains soap like constituents called saponins. The saponins are believed to assist in intestinal absorption and the breakdown and rebuilding of red blood cells. 

Barberry root bark helps the liver to cleanse itself by promoting the flow of bile. It has been shown to lower blood pressure and to help fight fungal and bacterial infections.

Dandelion root stimulates the white blood cells and has been shown to be effective against tumors.
Tumors are often the body’s way of containing environmental toxins so they do not spread throughout the body. Dandelion aids the function of both the liver and the kidneys. The indigenous North American herb stillingia is one of the best treatments for tuberculosis and cystic fibrosis, both said to be exacerbated by environmental pollutants.

Prickly Ash is especially good in developing and sustaining good peripheral circulation.


For the digestive system to fight off the harmful bacteria and microorganisms, it must enlist the aid of other microorganisms, the friendly bacteria. These healthy bacteria are known as lactobacillus. These friendly floras inhabit our digestive tract and help to protect our digestive health. Often, however, due to antibiotics, drugs, chemicals and poor diet, they give out, leaving our digestive systems unprotected against unfriendly microbes.   

The formula Enviro-Detox is a great way to aid the soldiers of the digestive system, the lactobacillus. Enviro-Detox contains lactobacillus and key supportive herbs that soothe the mucous lining of the digestive tract, reinforce immune strength, and assist the liver in the job of cleansing the blood.   

Enviro-Detox contains the lacto-bacillus sporogenes form of friendly bacteria. The lactobacillus found in yogurt is only 1/4 to 1/3 as effective, since the acids in the mouth, throat and stomach tend to reduce the effectiveness of yogurt's benefits. Since the lactobacillus in Enviro-Detox is in a capsule form, the acids of the digestive system do not touch it, until the gelatin capsule dissolves about half way through the stomach. This means more lactobacillus is made available to the intestines.

Also included in Enviro-Detox is the protein digesting enzyme Pepsin. When undigested proteins make their way to the small intestines they begin to putrefy and combine with environmental toxins in the digestive tract. This results in the body producing its own poisons called “endotoxins.” Pepsin properly assists the digestive processes by digesting the smaller broken down proteins into amino acid components the blood stream is able to take up and absorb into the body.    

Herbs included in Enviro-Detox include fenugreek and marshmallow, which are both mucilages that soothe irritated bowel tissues and enhance white blood cells.    

Milk thistle has a powerful protective effect on the liver. In fact, its constituents have been found to protect the liver from chemical poisoning and the free radicals that result from environmental pollutants.    

Echinacea purpurea is added to this product because it profoundly enhances the immune system. It has traditionally been combined with blood purifiers to combat degenerative diseases and strengthen the immune system during a cleanse.    

Dandelion, yellow dock, sarsaparilla, burdock, red clover and cascara sagrada are also found in this formula.

Some of their actions are explained in the description of BP-X.   

Other herbal products, which may help in cleansing the body of environmental toxins, include: Blood Build, Milk Thistle Combination, the Tiao He Cleanse and Intestinal Soothe & Build