Introduction To NuCel Wild Yam Emollient (Cream)

NuCel Wild Yam is a topically applied skin cream containing Mexican wild yam extract and plant nutrients. It is not a drug, and one cannot overdose on it. It is a natural source of nutritional chemistry which can be used by the body to manufacture progesterone, alleviating the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

The cream is quickly absorbed and mediates the transfer of the wild yarn nutrients, enzymes and plant sterols to the cell walls where they are naturally utilized according to the woman's individual needs. NuCel has chosen the transdermal method of delivering these nutrients to the body so the components are not chemically altered through the absorption process, as they are when taken in a capsule or droplet form.


As previously stated, there are no drugs or hormones added to the NuCel Wild Yam Cream. Many yam creams on the market today contain an unapproved drug called USP progesterone, which is often somewhat misleadingly referred to as "natural" progesterone on product labels. Calling USP progesterone "natural" makes it sound like it is grown in a garden or something equally benign.

Women do not realize they are using a drug that has been synthesized in a laboratory or that it can have detrimental side effects. In the eyes of the FDA it is USP progesterone and no woman should use more than 10 mgs per month as it has not been proven safe and effective for its intended use. In fact, the FDA states that until it is proven safe, women should assume that USP progesterone could have the same contraindications as any other type of hormone replacement drug.

Skin creams containing wild yam extracts have been in use for many years as the wild yam is a natural source of precursor chemistry to a woman's natural hormones. Mexican wild yam is particularly rich in a sterol known as diosgenin. The effect of diosgenin in the body is thought to be as a phyto-progesterone acting at progesterone receptor sites. There are no studies to demonstrate this, nor do we know if the diosgenin in the body is transformed through enzymatic reactions into actual progesterone or used in some other way by the body. The experience of thousands of women tells us that something of a hormonal nature is taking place within the body.

You may think of NuCel Wild Yam cream as a type of vitamin for the endocrine system. It supplies the body with plant sterols, plant enzymes and diosgenin (a phyto-progesterone that is also a sterol) which helps a woman's body make progesterone in the levels she would naturally make. Plant sterols are very similar to human sterols (such as cholesterol) and there is some evidence they act as adaptogens in the body.

Enzymes work as catalysts in conversion processes, and diosgenin is thought to stimulate progestinal activity within the body. A woman cannot overdose on Nucel Wild Yam Cream as she is only giving her body building blocks it can use to help her make her own progesterone - safely and naturally. Any amount in excess of what her body needs will be broken down and excreted.

To better understand how a nutritional cream can stimulate a woman's natural chemistry, let's take a look at a simplified version of the biosynthetic pathway a woman's body takes when making steroid hormones:

As you can see, the body uses acetate to make cholesterol and then uses cholesterol to make pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is the precursor to a woman's steroid hormones. Once she makes pregnenolone her body must use it to satisfy two pathways.

** Down one pathway she will make DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and then her estrogens. ** Down the other pathway she will make progesterone, and from progesterone her corticosteroids.
If a woman's body does not have enough of what it needs to satisfy both pathways she will always satisfy the DHEA/estrogens pathway before beginning on the progesterone pathway, thus most healthy women suffering from symptoms of hormonal imbalance will have adequate amounts of estrogen, but be lacking in progesterone.

Another important thing to note is that the body is constantly communicating with itself. The endocrine system involves multiple sources of stimulation and many levels of feedback. If a synthetic progesterone is supplemented it comes in directly at the progesterone level. Over time the body will assume that the other steps taken before progesterone is made have been completed and the whole feedback system begins to go awry - possibly interfering with the body's production of DHEA and estrogens.

There is also no evidence that the body can use any type of synthetic hormone to manufacture the next hormone it needs. The body's own progesterone is the only thing it can use to make its corticosteroids. It can't use any type of drug to make them. Corticosteroids are our natural "feel good" anti-depressant, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory hormones. No woman would want to suppress those! As you can see, supplementing directly with a synthetic progesterone will help for a short period of time, but long term use can have damaging side effects.

There are many yam creams on the market today, but the only thing that is important is how well they work. NuCel Wild Yam cream has helped thousands. It is the most carefully formulated and beneficial yam cream available.

The only significant measure of a wild yam cream's efficacy is in how it affects the lives of the women who use it. In this respect NuCel's Wild Yam Cream is clearly the leader. We continually receive unsolicited letters from women whose entire lives have been changed by our product. At NuCel, we firmly believe that our cream is the most carefully constructed, most beneficial wild yam product available.

NuCel's Wild Yam Cream is your natural choice

The key to 'Hormonal Balance

... NuCel's Wild Yam Cream gave me the results I needed: PMS relief, regular cycles, no leg cramps, reduction in size and pain of vericose veins, no more nightmares! Thank God for NuCel!... Ann in Maryland

At sixteen I began to notice that my menstrual cycle was becoming more erratic. Also I had acquired excessive facial and body hair. I saw specialists and was put on birth control two different times. Nothing helped until I was introduced to NuCel's Wild Yarn Cream. I was still very skeptical but after ten years was desperate to try anything. I'm glad I took the risk. While I'm on the Wild Yam Cream I feel better. The facial hair has started to fall out and my menstrual cycle is regaining normality. ... Margaret in Utah

"At age 45, I found myself experiencing menopause. My menstrual cycle stopped and hot flashes started I became very nervous and depressed. It was difficult for me to concentrate at work or school. At one point, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown! A friend told me about NuCel's Wild Yam Cream, so I started using it. Afler just one month, the hot flashes stopped, my nerves were calm, and the depression and mental fogginess disappeared. I feel like a new person! Thanks NuCel for a superior product!"... (Gratefully) Deborah in Michigan

Dear NuCel,
When I reach 21, I had a hysterectomy. Since then I've been on estrogen pills, patches, then injections. I had problems with all of them. My brother told me about a natural cream from NuCel. I decided to try it. It's been 7 months since my last shot. Not only have I lost 12 lbs. of water but I feel so much better using the cream. I've been on estrogen for 15 years, and this is the first 7 months I've finally been comfortable. I've also lost the dark patches on my face and hands by applying the cream on them. I can't say thank you enough, except maybe-do you sell it by the gallon??!
... Sincerely, Madonna in Michigan