Vaccines May Not Be Such a "Hot Shot"
By Steven Horne - Sunshine sharing

The vast majority of Americans submit to vaccines without ever bothering to question either their efficacy or their safety. So, we'd like to present you with some of the issues raised by opponents of compulsory vaccination. This information is not intended to constitute "proof," but hopefully these ideas will spark your interest and motivate you to investigate the subject more thoroughly.

Vaccine Side Effects

Like any drug, vaccines have potential side effects. As noted in the panel "Be Informed: Read the Insert" on the facing page, there are a number of highly toxic compounds in vaccines. The body's immune system has to mount a response to build up antibodies against the weakened microbes in the vaccine, and it has to be able to detoxify from the mercury, formaldehyde and other compounds used to weaken the organisms.

But, what happens if the body's immune system isn't strong enough to do this? In that case, the vaccine can actually "backfire" causing serious damage to the body. This is not secret. All you have to do is read the warning label provided with the vaccine and look at the potential side effects.

There is evidence that vaccines may be linked to all of the following conditions:

· Sudden infant death syndrome
· Mental retardation and autism
· Blindness and hearing impairment
· Respiratory diseases
· Seizures and paralysis
· Cancer and leukemia
· Multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders

Clearly, vaccines are not without risk. However, one can minimize vaccine risk, by following a few simple rules. First, don't have vaccines if you or your child suffer from severe allergies, have epilepsy or other conditions which might make you sensitive to vaccines or have a sibling that has had a bad reaction to a vaccine. You should be able to push for a medical waiver in these cases.

It is probably wise to postpone getting vaccines if you or your child has been recently ill or is severely weakened or physically depleted. Consider taking supplements like Ultimate Echinacea, Immune Stimulator and/or Trigger Immune to build up your immune system prior to getting a vaccine. Furthermore, babies don't have a very strong immunes ystem, so your children are much less likely to have a bad reaction to shots if you wait until they are at least two before getting them immunized.

Notes from Four Winds Nutrition


Immune Stimulator

Adults be wise.
If you decide to be vaccinated BUILD your IMMUNE system FIRST!This is common sense advice.
If your immune system is weak it is irresponsible to be vaccinated.

For your children
Follow the same advice and BUILD their immune system for one week prior to vaccination with Elderberry Immune.

Questioning the Effectiveness of Vaccines

For many people, questioning the efficacy of vaccines is like questioning the validity of their religious beliefs. But, it is important to remember that unlike other drugs, vaccines are not subjected to double-blind studies to determine their effectiveness. Ile reasons are obvious. It would not be moral to provide one group of people with the real vaccine and another group with a placebo and then expose both groups to an infection to see if the vaccine was effective. So, the "proof" of the efficacy of vaccines is theoretical and statistical- The decline in the incidence of contagious diseases is generally seen as proof that the vaccines work.

Researchers into the vaccine controversy have raised some serious questions with this hypothesis. We present some of their arguments in abbreviated form for your consideration.

For starters, opponents of vaccines point to the fact that most of the diseases were already on the decline before the vaccines were introduced. It is probable that improved sanitation has had more to do with the decline in contagious diseases than vaccines.

Secondly, because vaccines are assurned to work, medical doctors often overlook cases where an immunized person actually comes down with the disease. They are likely to assume the problem is something different and report it as such. For instance, some researchers believe that multiple sclerosis (MS) is actually a form of polio contracted through vaccines. Cases of MS rose at the same rate cases of polio declined.

Thirdly, there is statistical evidence that vaccines may not always work. When the pertussis vaccine for whooping cough became mandatory, incidence went up 300%. There was a notable decrease in polio prior to the initiation of the vaccine; upon introduction, there was a rise in incidence. There are other similar cases of disease rates climbing with mandatory vaccination. There are also cases of outbreaks among fully immunized people.

Are the Risks Worth It?

In considering any medical therapy, we believe people should be fully informed about both the potential benefits and risks involved. That way they can make an informed decision as to whether they believe the potential benefits out-wcigh the potential risks.

If you do some research, you may find that the risks for some vaccines are acceptable and choose to have them. For others, it may be clear that the risk of problems from the disease is statistically less than your risk of injury from the vaccine.

Before You Get That Vaccine.

... know that vaccines have some risks that may outweigh their benefits and that there are effective ways you can boost your immune system without taking a shot in the dark!

Vaccination Tips

If you decide to vaccinate your children, or have a vaccine yourself, it may be a good idea to take something to boost your immune system for a few days before the vaccine. For children, consider using Ultimate Echinacea and the Chewable Elderbery Plus.

For adults, especially the elderly, Immune Stimulator and Trigger Immune would be good choices- For both children and adults you should also consider taking Super Omega3 essential fatty acids and a multiple vitamin along with extra vitamin C.

After having a vaccine, take something to help the body detoxify from the solvents and heavy metals they contain. A good blood purifier like VS-C or All Cell Detox would be helpful. Vaccine Detox homeopathic can also be used by all ages to minimize side effects and aid the immunes ystem in mounting a successful response to the vaccine.
Since vaccines often contain heavy metals, Heavy Metal Detox, Algin, N-Acetyl Cysteine and/or Alpha Lipoic Acid can also be considered as part of a heavy metal cleanse.

If you or your child has a reaction to a vaccine, such as a fever or irritability, you should immediately report this to the doctor. They may tell you that it was not related to the vaccine, but you should have your concerns go on record.

You can use the same types of remedies you would use to combat fevers, colds and flu. Elderberry Plus or Elderberry Defense would be good options. Yarrow and peppermint tea is a good choice for children who have a fever or act cranky and irritable after vaccines. VS-C may also be helpful. An enema with Catnip & Fennel in the water can be helpful for bringing down fevers.

Be Informed: Read the Insert

When is the last time your doctor shared with you the insert that comes with each shot? These inserts tell you the ingredients in a vaccine and its potential side effects. Isn't this information you ought to have in order to make an intelligent decision about whether a vaccine is right for you or your child?

Vaccines are typically made by incubating disease organisms in animal or human tissue, which means they can contain animal blood and pus, tissue from dogs, monkeys, rabbits or other animals, and egg proteins. This diseased tissue is then treated with substances like mercury, aluminium phosphate, acetone, formaldehyde and other toxic compounds to "kill" or "weaken" the infectious organisms. This is what they inject into your blood stream.

Potential side effects of vaccines can range from fevers and infections (yes, the vaccine can actually infect some people with the disease) to damage to the brain and nervous system resulting in permanent nerve damage, retardation, paralysis or even death. Vaccines may also weaken the immune system in some cases.

It's a wise idea to consider the potential side effects of any medication before taking it. Afterall, as the consumers, we should have the right to determine for ourselves if the potential benefits of any therapy out-weigh the potential risks, shouldn't we?