By Béatrice Duplantier-Rhea N.D.

Unfortunately, traveling has become hazardous to our health. We are about to leave our home where we have put a lot of efforts in organizing our health programs the best we can. We have succeeded in feeling healthy and enjoying vibrant health. Some of us had been given pretty scary diagnosis in the past, based on painful symptoms and do not feel these symptoms any more. We may even feel so well that the diagnosis is reduced to a forgotten nightmare and the latest medical input is that maybe the named disease was misdiagnosed. With this coming trip, we feel that we are about to abandon this wonderful, somewhat miraculous homeostasis and shelter.

Yes, we cannot deny that everywhere we go and find ourselves mingling with crowds, we are going to encounter more bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, more pollution, fast foods and NO HERBS

An airplane ride has become quite stressful. We need to arrive two hours before departure (we are told three hours for international). We are put through several x-ray checking. If someone is picked up for more thorough checking, all suitcases are opened and searched, the body, the clothes and the shoes are searched and one must proceed barefoot through the metal detector (Do not forget to leave with socks on).

Once on the airplane, we are packed worse than sardines! The recycled air and water are carrying all the germs that crowds can carry plus all the chemicals added to kill the germs who have learnt how to mutate since the beginnings of time

The food and drinks served are acid and mucus forming. Within a short time, one can start hearing and feeling around the spells of sneezing, coughing and complaining while the poor babies and toddlers start crying and screaming. The children are getting nervous... the hostess comes to the rescue with a can of coke, full of sugar, which makes matters worst within a short period of time!

This does not mean that we have to stay home in our little happy shelter. When we have to travel we can do it without too much damage. I consider the trial like going through a bad storm and the next day there will be beautiful sun. But, to be able to enjoy that sun and not to have to stay in bed, we need to keep ourselves in good shape. This little discipline is all the more important if we plan to attend business as we step out of the plane.


Before going to the airport, do 20 minutes of exercise stretching and deep breathing in silence, preferably outside to be in tune with nature and its natural strength. Drink a good cup or two of organic, plain vegetable soup rich in minerals. In your hand luggage, you need to take a small bottle of Celtic water to drink before going through the custom.
You could buy some Evian water in airports after the customs.You need enough food for the hours involved in traveling and a little more in case of delay.

Finger foods include (choose with your blood type list): carrots, artichokes, tomatoes, steamed green beans, celery, presoaked walnuts and almonds, Granny Smith apples, sprouts, Belgian endives, avocados, dried figs, cooked chestnuts wrapped in zip-log bags (I tell the custom that I am carrying my food).We cannot carry glass containers.

It is good to have the XYLITOL CHEWING-GUMS to chew at take off and landing.

Now that we have our good food and drink, we can pass on what is served. In our carry-on luggage, we can also have an individual Celtic or Evian spray to hydrate the face and the nose. It is important also not to forget earplugs made of natural wax and a mask for the eyes. This is the best way to cut ones self off all noises and light and arrive more or less rested. Every time we wake up, it is time to walk around the airplane, stretch, practice some deep breathing and apply essential oils like GUARDIAN, BREATHE FREE or TEI FU OIL to our ears, temples, nape of neck, wrists and ankles. PEPPERMINT oil is nice to apply to the solar plexus and to add to the water and sip slowly for good digestion.

If there is a scare of specific viruses, it is always good to take along the killers as they are called:


JOJOBA OIL is a great carrier (presented by NSP in a small container suitable for our bag), to help our skin to assimilate these oils. Also, JOJOBA is wonderful for moisturizing dry skin and even our hair while traveling. We can also use NUCEL REPLENISHING CREAM on face and hands to help tighten, tone and firm the skin.

As we arrive at our seat (choose on the isle), we can always sprinkle a few drops of TEIFU OIL at our place, especially on the head of the seat and the pillow. I wear my DIODE on the left side of my body to neutralize the electro magnetic fields (EMFs) effects. I have in my handbag a little bottle of SILVER SHIELD GEL to sanitize my hands. I never use the recycled water of the plane.

Other remedies that can be placed in the suitcase:

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (chemical or food poisoning, even severe diarrhea)
SLIPPERY ELM (heartburn, diarrhea and sore throat and cough)
GINGER (motion sickness).

In our toiletry bag, we should take:

GOLDEN SALVE (natural ointment to use instead of Vaseline for sores, scratches, hemorrhoids, rashes, dry itchy nose)
BLACK OINTMENT (healing and drawing ointment to use on bites, boils, slivers/splinters, moles and tumors, excellent on the face to firm skin ).

Thinking ahead is always the key to keep in charge and in harmony with ourselves and others.