More info about dental health

We don't usually think of nutrition and lifestyle as having that much of an effect on our teeth. In fact, we are generally lead to believe that dental health is based completely on whether or not we properly clean our teeth and gums. But there is a strong connection.

Were you aware that eating sticky white bread (and other refined foods) provided food for several species of Strep bacteria in your mouth?

Were you aware that when these bacteria get out of hand (out of mouth), they infected your blood vessels, made your blood sticky, and contribute to heart disease?

Were you aware that eating multigrain bread (and other whole foods) provides minerals that were transferred to your teeth via an unstable acid created by your breath and saliva and that this naturally remineralizes tooth enamel?

Were you aware that Dr. Weston Price, DDS, did extensive research in the 1930s which suggests that mineral deficiencies are the real cause of tooth decay, not dental plaque?
Native peoples he examined had no dental caries, in spite of the fact that their mouths were often caked with plaque, because they had mineral-rich diets?

Were you aware that there is enough mercury in a single amalgam tooth filling to pollute, according to official standards, a 10-acre lake?

The commercials tell us that coming home from the dentist with "only two cavities" is good news. Is dental disease inevitable like most people think? If we can heal a bruise, cut and even a broken bone, why can't we heal teeth, or at least do a better job of preventing decay?

The commercials tell us that milk is needed for strong teeth.
But Joel Knapp, DDS, reported that eliminating homogenized milk from his son's diet was the final key to eliminating his development of new cavities. This same dentist says, "We've had a lot of cases of gum disease that had no plaque at all. We found out that the person wasn't eating enough, wasn't getting enough sleep, and was under a lot of stress. There's a lot of gingivitis among people taking exams in college and among people getting a divorce."

Abscess & infection around teeth can cause many health problems. See dentist immediately - avoid root canals if possible.

Clove Oil can be diluted with olive oil and applied topically to reduce pain in teething infants, dental abscesses, or after dental surgery. It is also disinfectant and antiseptic.

APS II with White Willow and Ultimate Echinacea can also be applied to abscesses to help relieve pain.

Diluted Tea Tree Oil is also used to stimulate circulation and fight infection.