What is Thai-Go?

Thai-Go is a blend of the most healthful fruits and nutritional supplements from all over the world. ThaiGo is chock full of xanthones, bioflavonoids and powerful antioxidants. Bioflavonoids contribute to the bright colors of fruits and vegetables, enhance vitamin C absorption and help maintain collagen and capillary walls. They also aid in the body's immune-defense system.

Among Thai-Go's key ingredients is mangosteen, a tasty fruit found in eastern tropical nations, such as Thailand. Thai-Go incorporates the whole fruit, including its pericarp to ensure maximum xanthone and phytonutrient capture. Xanthones offer powerful immune and cardiovascular support.

Other ingredients in this nutritious juice include wolfberry/gogi fruit, sea buckthorn, red grapes, grape seeds, grape skins, raspberries, blueberries, apple extract and green tea.

What are Antioxidants and Why are they Important?

There are many different types of oxygen free radicals formed in the body as a result of natural chemical reactions necessary for life. These oxygen free radicals are very reactive and can damage most cell structures to cause cancer, heart disease, and other age-related diseases. This process is called oxidation. Antioxidants are molecules that slow or prevent oxidation in the body Antioxidants scavenge the free radicals that the body accumulates. Antioxidants benefit virtually every organ and body system because they mop up damaging free radicals. Thai-Go delivers a punch of antioxidant potential with a very high ORAC value.*

Putting Thai-Go to the Test

Brunswick Laboratories, the leading commercial laboratory specializing in the science of antioxidants and oxidative stress has recently studied Thai-Go, a Nature's Sunshine product. As part of its rigorous guidelines for compliance, Brunswick is testing ThaiGo on a lot-by-lot basis to certify its exceptional product quality. This testing will ensure consistent Thai-Go quality, and highlight its unparalleled antioxidant activity. Brunswick Labs'founder and Chairman Jim Nichols says the seal is "a visible symbol of antioxidant quality."

Nature's Sunshine is proud of Thai-Go's exceptional scientific formulation and is committed to an unprecedented ongoing antioxidant tests:

5 Independent Tests

1) ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)
Measures total antioxidant capacities of different foods

2) HORAC (Hydroxyl Radical Averting Capacity)
Measures capacity to avert hydroxyl radicals that are more damaging to the body

3) Phenolics
Phenols are substances in plants that have antioxidant characteristics

4) Bioflavonoids
Known for antioxidant activity, these are nature's biological response modifiers

5) Xanthones
Xanthones are biologically active plant compounds; these compounds support the
immune, structural and digestive systems, the brain and the skin

Thai-Go Outscores Leading Competitors

Major ORAC Differences Among Top Antioxidant Beverages
(Potomac, MD) - Health and nutrition researcher Kimberly Day tested three of the top selling antioxidant drinks on the market to determine if they are delivering the benefits they claim to offer.

Ms. Day sent samples of MonaVie, Xango, and Thai-Go to Brunswick Laboratories, which is nationally recognized for their antioxidant testing. The drinks were tested to determine their ORAC value. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is the most widely accepted method of measuring antioxidant content in food.

Results indicated that MonaVie had the lowest hydro-ORAC value (23,323), with Xango just slightly higher at 24,480.

However, Thai-Go was nearly twice as high as either of the other two beverages tested, coming in at 51,939. All three drinks are comparatively priced and all are marketed as high-quality antioxidant beverages.

Antioxidants work to protect your body from free radical damage. Free radicals are highly reactive forms of oxygen that are missing an electron. When they come into contact with normal molecules, they try to steal an electron, damaging the healthy cell and its DNA.

Free radical damage has long been believed to be a risk factor of many of the chronic diseases that accompany aging -including heart disease, eye degeneration, memory loss, damage from UV light, and cancer. Antioxidants, however, deactivate free radicals, preventing them from doing damage.


Delicious taste
Very High ORAC*
Contains xanthones from mangosteen fruit and pericarp extract
Contains polyphenols and flavonoids Formulated for energy, longevity, heart, and immune support