Protecting Your Circulatory System
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Most of the past studies involving cholesterol have failed to distinguish between oxidized and unoxidized cholesterol, between rancid and fresh cholesterol. When oxygen turns a fat rancid, it is like turning iron to rust. That's oxidation. Oxidized cholesterol causes an increase of free radicals which are energized molecules that can cause aging and general physical destruction by their characteristic cell-bashing ability. Protecting your body from oxidized cholesterol is the key to protecting your circulatory system.

Circulatory problems start when rancid (oxidized) fats of all kinds, which includes cholesterol, block a blood factor that keeps the blood properly thin, thereby promoting dangerous clotting.

To avoid getting fats that have been oxidized into your diet, eat freshly ground grains less than three days old. Older, "bad" cholesterol from stored foods damages the smooth surfaces of arteries. Stored foods with oxidized fats include powdered eggs and powdered milk products made by spray-driyng. Exposure to both heat and oxygen quickens the oxidation of fats. But fresh milk and eggs in moderation are fine.

Reducing Oxidized Cholesterol

Vitamin E w/Selenium.
One exciting discovery is vitamm E's role in preventing oils and fats, including cholesterol, from going rancid. (David G. William Proven Techmques to Naturally Reverse Atherosclerosis, Mountain Home Pub., Ingram, TX 1990, p. 20.)
Daily amounts, like 400 I.U. of vitamin E, are ideal. Remember that it's the rancid cholesterol that is most damaging not the amount of cholesterol found in the blood.

Guggul Lipid.
A relatively new herb is now available in America that has a dramatic ability to allow a beneficial amount of cholesterol (called HDL to remain while lowering the amount of undesirable cholesterol (LDLs) found in the blood. Called guggul (commiphora mukul), this yellowish, gummy substance comes from a tiny tree found in India.

Guggul has been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for obesity. One of the old texts written in Sanskrit says guggul helps prevent "coating and obstruction of channels." That's why this herb is valued in India and Europe for its ability to help normalize body weight and blood cholesterol levels.
In addition, guggul perks up the thyroid gland, the body's key metabolic regulator so that more blood fats are burned for energy. A sluggish thyroid and high cholesterol often go together. At the same time guggul decreases platelet stickness and even assists in breaking up blood clots. This helps to prevent strokes as well as heart attacks.

Diet and Nutritional Supplements.

Other important measures you can take to improve circulation include reducing dietary fats, eating more fiber to capture and evacuate excessive dietary fats, using more onions and garlic to regulate and lower cholesterol buildup.

Vitamin C will also boost the level of good cholesterol and help reduce fatty deposits on artenal walls.

In addition, Coenzyme Q10 helps Vitamin E do a better job of preventing cholesterol oxidation.

Other beneficial supplements are also available such as Psyllium hulls, LOCLO High Fiber, Nature's Three, Magnesium, Super Omega 3-EPA.

Horseradish, ginger, capsicum, walnuts, pecans, avocados, alfalfa, dandelion, grape juice, almond and olive oil are also very beneficial.

Other Tips For Circulatory Health

In recent years the level of the trace mineral chromium found in the American diet is far too low to maintain important body functions as they age. Several reasons account for this: poor growing soil, "refined" grains, food preparation techniques that use too much heat, or additives and stress, which uses up more chromium than can be replaced by diet alone.
In addition, chromium reduces fat, helps build lean muscle, lowers blood cholesterol and helps stabilize blood sugar levels, especially in diabetics.
That's front-page news for most of us! (Julian Whitaker, M.D. Wellness Today, Jan., 1993.)

Nicotinic acid, niacin or vitamin B3 has also been shown to work well with chromium to lower blood cholesterol and improve blood circulation in general. One study suggests that both niacin and chromium be taken together for optimal benefits, usually within a one month period. (Joumal of Family Practice, 1989; 27:603 606.)



Rancid fats can cause "free radicals" to form, which are very destructive to body tissues, causing them to break down and age more quickly. Supplements to help neutralize these mavericks include high amounts of vitamin C, E (especially with the mineral selenium), various B-Complex vitamins, zinc and special formulations like Super Antioxidant, Grapine w/Protectors and High Potency Grapine.

The formation of free radicals is a normal part of the life process, and the body is well-equipped to handle free radicals when and if the diet is properly fortified. Free radicals are manufactured by the body for special reasons like killing harmful bacteria. Keeping them under control is the problem, for they multiply rapidly and are basically unrestricted in most areas of the body.


Walking and other forms of exercise help to use up the extra blood fats that may be circulating in the blood, fats that may turn rancid by combining with oxygen and iron carried by the red blood cells. High levels of iron and cholesterol in the blood have been correlated with a higher risk of heart attacks (Circulation, 86 (1992): 803-11).
Another problem may occur when dietary fats clog up the liver, and bile is not properly evacuated from the gall bladder. Gallstones made of cholesterol and other fats may begin to form.
Exercise not only balances the blood fats but encourages the production of hormones that make you feel good, too.