Leg CrampsThe precise cause of agonizing nighttime leg, foot or hand cramps is not totally understood but the range of possibilities are:

1. The body needs more potassium or magnesium right away.

2. Poor circulation to the muscles in the affected area.

3. Too much salt in the diet.

It is reported that some 70% of adults over 55 years of age suffer from regular or periodic nighttime cramps. However such cramps can also happen to those who are younger, but generally with less frequency.

What can be done to lessen or eliminate these painful cramps

Be given a prescription of pain pills to be taken at the onset of the cramping. Any relief by these pain pills is usually in 20 to 30 minutes later, meantime the painful cramping continues.

Potassium CombinationTake magnesium and potassium pills daily to prevent cramping. This is not successful with everyone and over a period of a year can cost quite a lot of money!

Quinine (mostly used for malaria) is often prescribed with mixed results. This requires a prescription and has side effects to many people.

The other option is to take one or two tablespoonful (or, one or two caps full) either in a quarter glass of water or straight from the bottle - of STOPS LEG CRAMPS from Caleb Treeze Organic Farm. Relief comes in about a minute (Average time is from 30 seconds to 2 minutes). Nothing is faster. Individual results may vary.

The choice, at least to us, seems obvious. Take no chemicals, nor drugs but only an all natural, wholesome remedy and only take it when needed.

How To Prevent Cramps

Preventing muscle cramps, whether it's during an important athletic event or while you sleep at night, is the absolute best way to deal with painful muscle spasms and cramps. Perhaps the most invaluable part of the Stops Leg Cramps natural remedy is its ability to completely prevent charley horses and muscle cramps from happening for 24 hours.

A single capful from the Stops Leg Cramps bottle mixed into a couple ounces of water is all it takes to keep your muscles cramp-free for a good 24 hours. Athletes are able to play through an entire game or event without having to worry about having to sit out because of a charley horse or muscle spasm, and people who experience frustrating muscle cramps while exercising are able to go through their entire routine without a hitch. Even those who have nocturnal leg cramps are able to sleep through the night using this natural muscle cramps remedy.

The pain caused by a muscle cramp is almost always enough to send even the strongest individual to the floor. Pain medications usually take about 20-30 minutes before they are able to enter your bloodstream and provide any relief, so they are not going to do much good when you are dealing with a sudden muscle cramp that only lasts a minute or two.

The Stops Leg Cramps remedy deals with the problem at its source by preventing the cramps from happening altogether. One dose from the bottle is enough to stop a cramp in its tracks in about 60 seconds, but the fact that this natural remedy provides almost instant relief from a cramp does not matter when you can prevent them from happening entirely with a sip from the same bottle.

This leg cramp remedy is made of only natural and organic ingredients, so you don't have to worry about any side effects or drowsiness when using this natural Amish remedy.

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How to best use "Stops Leg, Foot and Hand Cramps"

Stops Leg Cramps"Stops Leg, Foot and Hand Cramps" can be used in different ways.
At the onset of nighttime leg cramps of the leg, foot or hand you can take the mixture in this manner:

1. Pour out 1 or 2 tablespoons into a quarter or half glass of water and drink. You may use the cap from the bottle as a measuring tool, one capful equals one tablespoonful. (Do not add sugar or honey or anything to this mixture). Then wait. Sometimes the cramps disappear in 10 to 15 seconds, for others it may take one to two minutes.

2. You may drink one or two swallows directly from the bottle instead of pouring the mixture into any water. The taste is quite strong and some people prefer to dilute it in water as described above. It's up to you.

Note: If you are drinking one or two small swallows directly from the bottle you may wish to get the taste out of your mouth by sipping (yes, sipping, not gulping) water for a minute or so afterward. This will pretty much get rid of the vinegar taste. We recommend keeping the formula on a nightstand next to the bed along with a glass of water and be prepared for any sudden attack of cramping.
Keeping the product out of the refrigerator overnight does not harm it. Return the product to refrigerator next morning.

3. Others, put our remedy into a spray bottle and spray it all over the cramped leg, hand or foot. They rub it in thoroughly and the cramp goes away using it in that manner. If no spray bottle is available they just sprinkle the liquid liberally on the cramping leg or foot that is cramping and rub it in.

4. Many, many users take a cap full before bedtime and do not have cramps all night long.

Athletes who have been cramping during games take a swallow or two before a game and as a result they experience no cramps at all during the event.