By Béatrice Duplantier-Rhea N.D.

If there is stagnation in one of the systems, our body will divert the elimination load from that system to the next. Little by little, in our modern society, we accept to have irritation and inflammation in all our eliminative channels until we are given a deadly diagnosis by the medical science ( your medical doctor).

At the cellular level, source of all our physical energy, we go from irritation to inflammation to chronic degeneration. We accept to start this process of irritation-inflammation-degeneration right in the cradle when our babies suffer from jaundice, gastric pains, cradle cap, skin spots, diaper rash, mucous, etc.

The symptoms of blockages will become more and more serious with earaches, cough, asthma, gastritis, diarrhea, constipation, urinary infections, etc.

Our common answer is to ignore those important body signals and erase the symptoms through medications and surgeries. What a relief it is not to feel those symptoms any more! Thank you doctor!
But, do we really think that we have healed our body that way? If we suffer from migraines, headaches, ringing in the ears, backaches, any type of irritation, inflammation and degeneration new or old, if we have been given a threatening medical diagnosis or not, we should never hush our body talk.

The laws of nature are such that any type of stagnation or blockage will cause pain in the process of life. True healing requires to always go to the root cause and work at the cellular level. Even if we think that we are healthy, we probably need to clean up our eliminative channels.


Remember that we need to trust that life always creates life if we obey the rules of nature. Consequently, it is better to let the very process of life take place without stagnation and blockage. As a human being, we typically have 4 main channels of elimination:

  • The Intestinal system
  • The Urinary system
  • The Respiratory system
  • The Skin
  • And a woman during her fertile years has a fifth channel: the Menstrual Cycle.

Johanna Brandt


The ICE CURE is one of the best ways to renew our healing energy and restore our homeostasis. The ICE CURE is an old remedy from Johanna Brandt (photo) to relieve inflammation, pain, fever and heal from flu and virus, sunburn etc…
It is perfect for healing and preventing. It has often restored life when there was no more hope.


It can be done at night. Avoid ANY heavy food, that night. You can also do it during the day (you will need at least 3 hours and it can be repeated until one feels much better).

You will need:
A cotton bath towel
1 or 2 cotton wash clothes
Two large safety pins
4 or 10 ice cubes
Sweaters, socks, blankets

Take off clothes
Wrap a cotton bath towel very tightly around the whole chest and attach with safety pins.
Place 4 to 5 ice cubes inside the wash cloth.
Place the wash cloth (full of ice cubes) on the solar plexus and on bare skin underneath the tight towel wrapped around the chest.
You may also place one similar one on the lower abdomen just above pubic bone.

Dress very warmly with pants, sweater and socks

Only use cotton or wool or silk. Lie in bed in the dark under your blankets. Practice some Deep Breathing exercises until you fall asleep. You will feel very relaxed while you trust your body to heal.

The first water from the melting ice will be absorbed by the terry cloth. When the cloth is wet and icy, the healing action is starting.

The ice will attract all your circulation to your solar plexus, or, lower abdomen. This will decongest other areas of the body and help the healing of the entire body. The blood will be stimulated to carry off the impurities into the eliminative channels.

When you wake up, you will feel renewed.

This can be done every night until pain or fevers are gone.

You may be going through one or several healing crisis. That is going through a seemingly worsening of the symptoms or experiencing new ones. This is normal.

You need to keep on with the treatment and follow a very strict diet. Of course, you must always make sure to keep very warm everywhere else in your body while doing the ICE CURE.

Note: An ice compress may be applied on a very painful wound from surgery to hasten the healing.

Doing a GRAPE CURE with the ICE CURE is very beneficial!

Introduction to the "Ice Cure" by Johanna Brandt (extract)

"In this particular case, the inflammation of the nerves of the head lasted from from 1899 to 1902 when as a young volunteer nurse at Pretoria Irene Camp during the Boer War, I received the baptism of fire. That was 50 years ago. If the mental stress of the years that followed had not existed, I could have gotten rid of this evil. But such was not the case.
After having tried everything to relieve this horrible pain, I discovered that a simple ice pack wrapped in a towel and applied on a patient's pain area had almost an instant effect to stop this" tic douloureux "deemed incurable. It happened in Johannesburg in 1938.

Eighteen months later, this fact was followed by another who at the time seemed supernatural. A woman was brought to my sanatorium at the last stage of an internal cancer. When I arrived at the sanitarium, she was in such a weak state that she could not even keep a spoonful of water in her mouth. She was too sick to withstand the Grape Cure. Then I remembered the ice pack and I applied it on a huge scar on her abdomen. She responded immediately to that treatment and, more importantly, she eventually healed.
This lady currently occupies a prominent position, leading an active and useful life in Vereeniging. Her name is on everyone's lips. Her doctors are confused.  As no scientific explanation are available, they talk about this case as "one of the few examples of spiritual healing." Maybe they are right because she is a convinced Christian. 
But what about all the other spectacular cases healed by The Ice Cure since 1939? "

The Cure Ice: Why and for whom?

1. You might think you are in good health but are you really?
2. Would you like to be sure of it if you could do so safely?
3. You know someone who has a major health problem, who is in pain, who has a wound that does not heal. Let this person know about this approach.

Caution: none except this... If you apply the ice directly on the skin, the ice will adhere to the skin like a hot iron with very painful consequences! Follow the instruction above.

What will you feel as a result?

1. Case of a perfectly healthy person:
A perfectly healthy person feels nothing more than a delicious sense of relaxation. It is the most perfect of all reactions, the safest evidence that the nerves and muscles are relaxed. Indulge in this pleasant sensation, relax and sleep for a while!

2. Case of a not so healthy person:
The skin may become red under the pad and if the red patches appear on other parts of the body, one can be sure that one is suffering from congestion or internal inflammations.
If strange rheumatic pains occur, headache, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, cold symptoms, and if one vomits bile, phlegm or anything unusual occurs, one should not be alarmed.
This is proof that this person is not as healthy as one might have thought!

What is happening, really, is what is known as a "Healing Crisis". The Ice Cure is the accelerator, if you will, allowing the body to reject what needs to be eliminated. To heal a chronic condition, nature begins to make it obvious to you (a reaction to the ice cure).

1. As the body detoxifies the liver needs to be supported and the cellular system properly oxygenated.
We recommend Milk Thistle combination (liver) and Cellfood (cells oxygenation).
2. Always check with your health professional if that cure is good for you, for how long etc.