About Basic Food Combining


In general, we need to eat animal protein with vegetables, starches with vegetables, and fruit alone! But the key to good digestion is to choose foods that are the most like us, that is, high in water (70%), rich in naturally occurring oils (20-30%), low in protein (5-7%), and even lower in sugars (0.5-3%).

Cold pressed oils can be combined with vegetables, starches, and vegetable protein, and some low sugar fruits (lemon, lime, non-sweet grapefruit, tomato and avocado)

We should eat low-sugar/high water vegetables with plant or animal protein, starches, raw cold-pressed oils.

Dr. Bernard Jensen’s “Green Man” chart.
We should prepare our plate, large or small filled this way:

¾ vegetables + ¼ meat of fish

OR ¾ vegetables + ¼ beans

OR ¾ vegetables + ¼ grains or nuts

OR ¾ green salad + ¼ root vegetables

A plate of fruit should be eaten alone or with ¼ nuts

In a state of imbalance, we should avoid grain, dairy, salt, sugar, heated fats, and, among vegetables, eat moderate amounts of carrots (11% sugars), beets (13%), and high sugar squash, avoid potatoes and oranges.


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