Energy Medicine
[ By John Veltheim D.C., B.AC.]

Let's preface this introduction to energy medicine with this quote from Darwin: "It is not the strongest species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change"


The key factor in maintaining health in the body is to reestablish communication between all the systems and body parts. In this way, the body can synchronize its activities, adapt to the stresses of life, and heal.

Energy MedicineIn the past there have been two major trends in scientific thought. The Cartesian model, established in the last two centuries, was based on the premise that the world was like a big clock. Descartes theorized that all we had to do was dissect and examine all these autonomous parts thoroughly in order to solve the mysteries of existence. This model sounded great and scientists launched into the study of mathematics, physics, and biology with great enthusiasm. Great advancements were made.

Then, at the turn-of-the-century, physicists and mathematicians discovered that Descartes' theory was somewhat simplistic. The laws of relativity and quantum mechanics quickly showed scientists that the model of the clock was only valid in relative conditions. So even though quantum mechanics proved Descartes' theory incomplete some ninety years ago, there is still a tendency to approach medicine, and the treatment of the body, along the incomplete Cartesian lines of reasoning. This tendency still occurs because it appeals to our natural inclination to use simple, left brain logic to explain the world despite evidence to the contrary. That is, there are no logical or ultimate explanations.

By tracing the discoveries of quantum mechanics through to the present time, we see the evolution of the holographic paradigm. In quantum mechanics the world is viewed as being in constant dynamic interaction at all levels. Nothing exists in and of Itself. Everything, from this perspective, exists only as part of a dynamic system, with each part reflecting the whole.

This explanation corroborates the concept of mirroring that was put forward in the previous section.

Bells Theorem emphasizes that, "No theory of reality compatible with quantum theory can require separated events to be separate." In other words, all distant events are constantly interconnected and interdependent. This implies that each and every electron must know exactly what every other electron in the universe is doing in order to know what it, itself, has to do at any given moment. This further implies that every atom in the universe is constantly "in touch" with "all that is."

This paradigm postulates that every microscopic part of our body knows exactly what every other part is doing and is responding accordingly. The innate wisdom of the individual body is therefore connected to the wisdom of totality as a whole. By utilizing this wisdom, we appear to be tapping into the jungian concept of universal consciousness.

In his book, The Web of Life, physicist Fritjof Capra summarizes the view of the famous quantum physicist Geoffrey Chew who developed the 'bootstrap' theory to explain the observed phenomena of subatomic particles:

"The 'bootstrap' philosophy declares that we must abandon the idea of fundamental building blocks of matter. There are no fundamental entities whatsoever-no fundamental constants, laws, or equations. The material universe is seen as a dynamic web of interrelated events. None of the properties of any part of this web are fundamental. They all follow from the properties of other parts, and the overall consistency of their interrelations determines the structure of the entire web."

This further reinforces the concept of synchronicity. Concordant with this concept is the conclusion that every thing within the bodymind is in a dynamic, synchronized, interactive, and totally inter/intra-dependent state.

This concept is called Dynamic Systems Theory. Through the Dynamic Systems Theory, all branches of alternative medicine have the potential of developing a solid, theoretical framework for working with the body as an energy system. Dynamic Systems Theory also goes a long way in explaining the nuances of the mind/body relationship particularly in relation to energy healing. The diverse and controversial findings and observations of the human energy system are finally explainable in relative terms.

The integration of the concepts of energy that come from physics, with the concept of a dynamic biological system, emphasize dynamic, interactive, communicative, conscious relationships within systems and between systems. This is important when we study:

* the relationship Of the brain to the rest of the body;
* the relationship of the heart to the rest of the body; and
* all the other combinations within the body.

Some branches of physics have had a traditional tendency to study mind/body systems as if they are "closed" structures with simple linear relationships to other structures.

Quantum MedicineThe Dynamic Systems Theory approach sees these systems as they really are: dynamic, interactive, complex information processors that develop their own systems of memory, consciousness, and innate wisdom (awareness). This approach assumes that the systems are spontaneously fluctuating (an assumption consistent with quantum mechanics), and are always "open" systems interacting with all the other systems around them to varying degrees over time. This also implies that systems within the body are consistently interacting and evolving consciously with all the systems within the environment (clothes, other living systems, climate, and so on).

Despite existing scientific and mathematical knowledge, the western medical model appears to disregard the important lessons learned from Dynamic Systems Theory. Allopathic and alternative medical systems have continued to try to break the body down into parts. Consequently, the workings of the body continue to be investigated by means of this simplistic linear model. Traditional medicine has often tended to limit its analysis of the body to that which is tangible and can be readily dissected, or examined under a microscope.

Theoretically, traditional medicine tries to relate to the body in the form of simple chemical interactions. This is despite the fact that science has clearly demonstrated the body is simply energy interacting with energy in a multitude of forms. The physical, tangible aspect is only one small part of a total dynamic interactive process interacting with itself and its environment.

Asking versus Diagnosis

We can no longer afford to labor under an antiquated system of looking at the world. In the 21st century we must have the courage to look seriously at what science has been saying for a hundred years, and accept that a new paradigm must evolve in the treatment of disease. This paradigm is based on recognition of the living dynamic interrelationships within the body. We need to recognize that all interrelationships are being synchronized and coordinated by an innate wisdom infinitely greater in intelligence than even the most sophisticated computers.

The treatment of the body through diagnosis and agenda-based intervention has obvious limitations. The exception is in emergencies where the natural process is too damaged to repair itself. The key is in cooperating with the innate wisdom of the body to restore the vital interrelationships between the various body parts and systems. It is done by linking the critical components that have lost their lines of communication. This enables the necessary synchronizing of bodymind activities for restoration of dynamic health relative to the individual needs of that particular system.

An analogy can be made with a symphony orchestra. You can have seventy finely-tuned instruments, each capable of making a beautiful sound, but if you do not have a conductor to synchronize the playing of the instruments the end result will be a noise, not a symphony. The parts of the body are like the parts of that symphony orchestra. If they are synchronized by the innate wisdom within the body, then there will be a symphony of health. Poor health occurs when the communication systems and energy linkages necessary for innate wisdom to function optimally, are compromised. This is where BodyTalk comes in. In The BodyTalk System we determine what the bodymind requires in order to reestablish all the communication systems necessary for it to do its job.

The key element here is in realizing that treatment of individual body parts will not necessarily lead to good health. Most systems of health care concentrate on treating individual parts or systems - and here we are not solely talking about traditional medicine. Many of us are aware of the folly of having a client go to a heart specialist for the heart, a kidney specialist for the kidneys, and a urologist for the bladder. In many cases, none of the doctors know about any of the other doctors treating that same client. Each doctor is concentrating on his own specialty, often ignoring the dynamic interrelationships between all the organs and systems and the importance of synchronicity in their activities.

Alternative medicine is often guilty of doing exactly the same thing. Clients receive treatments from several practitioners at the same time and none of them are coordinating their efforts. Although alternative medical practitioners pay lip service to being holistic in their approach, the fact remains that the majority are still only focusing on individual systems. They may treat the meridians, the chakras, diet, the spine, the muscular system, the emotions, and so on, but this is not a truly holistic approach. This is because they are still treating individual systems, much the same as a heart specialist treats just the heart and cardiovascular system. All alternative medicine is doing, when this is the case, is looking at isolated sets of frequencies within the bodymind complex.

The BodyTalk paradigm proposes that in the future an increasing number of health care modalities will start looking at linking the entire spectrum of systems (physical and energic) - and recognize each individual system as part of a dynamic, interactive whole.

This is why we tend to refer to the BodyTalk System as "integrative" health care.

Notes from BĂ©atrice Duplantier-Rhea N.D. & Christian Domergue

1. In energy medicine, the power of learnt knowledge, fruit of the left brain, is complemented by the enlightenment of intuitive knowledge and discovery, fruit of the right brain.

2. Energy Medicine supports the body's innate ability to heal itself at all levels. It enhances the body's natural synchronization to enable it to repair its own parts more rapidly.

3. The time has come to consider and accept that each person is unique with his/her own life force, personality, genes, age, belief system, environmental influences, health and lifestyle.
Each person has his/her own innate wisdom, which knows the right balance for that particular bodymind. The goal of energy medicine is to listen to, enhance, guide and support this innate wisdom.

John is a chiropractor and acupuncturist. He ran a very successful clinic in Brisbane, Australia, for 15 years.
He was also the Principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for five years. His extensive post graduate studies include applied kinesiology, bioenergetic therapy, osteopathy, sports medicine, counseling and comparative philosophy and theology.

John, with his wife Esther, has been lecturing on the international lecture circuit for eleven years; teaching MindScape, Breakthrough, philosophy, The BodyTalk System, and life sciences.