By Christian M. Domergue

People often ask me what would I do If I were diagnosed with cancer?
(or life-threatening illnesses.)

1. I would visit three doctors to see if all agree (diagnostic).

2. I would look for an open minded medical doctor (that is to say opened to alternative medicine).

3. I would work with my selected medical specialist and a known Naturopath doctor.

4. I would choose, first, a natural approach to give my body all that it needs to defend itself against the disease. 
( I truly believe that our body, in most cases, is perfectly equipped to deal positively with ANY disease. All it needs is the proper "mental" attitude toward diseases, the correct nutrients, the proper diet.)

5. I would ask my doctor to monitor my progress after having shared with him (or her) all that I am doing.
(Diet, supplements taken, exercises etc.)

6. I would ask my family and friends for their prayers and to respect and fully support my decision.

7. I would spend time with myself and ask for the divine light and power to cleanse my body of what does not belong in it.

Before going further, I want to make it absolutely clear that we do not treat cancer, AIDS or other life-threatening diseases. We are NOT medical doctors. This is not to say that we would not offer assistance to someone with a serious disease, of course! It is just that we would not pretend to be treating the disease.

In our consultations, we are educating people about their body, mind and spirit and how they can care for them.
At Four Winds, we firmly believe that it is up to each individual to make his/her own informed decisions about his/her health care. In fact, we believe that self-responsibility is one of the essential keys for recovery from most diseases.

What might be the cause(s) of our diseases? 

The concept of biological terrain has always been central to our understanding of health and disease. Indeed, disease takes root in the soil of our constitutional weaknesses through one of five root causes:
** Mental and emotional stress ("We are only what we hold in mind" Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.)
** Nutritional deficiencies
** Toxic overload
** Physical & Moral trauma or Injury(ies)
** Family health history (Genetics... to some extends)


According to Mr. Steven Horne "These root causes seem to create an oxygen imbalance at the cellular level which leaves the door opened to various diseases and viruses. Remember we live and die at the cellular level.
Every time we damage tissues (whether the damage occurs through trauma, nutrient depletion, toxicity or stress) they respond through a process called inflammation.

Inflammation can be thought of as the "mother of all diseases" because all disease processes in the body start with cells becoming injured and an inflammatory response being initiated. When tissues are depressed they continue to be starved for oxygen and nutrients. They also become increasingly poisoned in their own metabolic wastes. This causes them to become chronically under active or weakened.

In our twenty some years in the health business we have seen numerous people complaining of chronic feeling of malaise, lack of energy and perhaps dull, aching pains. In most cases, this is due to poor diet and also to "cellular" weakness as well as internal pollution.
Weakened tissues are susceptible to the activity of microbes, which create heat (inflammation) as they feed on weak and dying tissue.

Fortunately, as long as there is life remaining in any tissues, they have the capacity to regenerate, to overcome the process of breakdown and decay and renew themselves. This is what the healing process is all about-supplying the right conditions so that the process of life can regenerate and repair damaged tissues.

Oxygen at the cellular level
Since the top question was what would I do If I were diagnosed with cancer, I was quite satisfied with a statement by Dr. Otto Wartburg that makes so much sense that I had to share it with you. What if a lack of oxygen at the cellular level could be one cause or perhaps the main cause of most diseases?
Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes, but there is only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (lack of oxygen) cell respiration. (Dr. Otto Warburg, two time Nobel Laureate Winner of the Nobel Prize for Cancer Research.)
Anaerobic is a technical word which literally means without air (where "air" is generally used to mean oxygen), as opposed to aerobic.

According to knowledgeable scientists and doctors, the most common cause of metabolic disorders is oxygen-deficient blood. It is most recognizable by the creation of uric acid. This widely dispersed bodily poison is the basic cause of many chronic illnesses. The layman thinks of uric acid as a liquid. It may appear to be in solution, but as a rule it is in fact a fine crystal powder. Because of its insolubility, it is very dangerous.

In order for the body to regain health, the body must be supported in its efforts to ingest sufficient oxygen to revitalize energy and cleanse itself of toxic substances. Oxygen plays another very important role in the body, acting as a guardian and protector against unfriendly bacteria and disease organisms. One of oxygen's major functions is disintegration. Rubble, garbage, toxins, refuse, debris, and any useless substances are destroyed by oxygen and carried out of the system. 

Next steps

Knowing how important the mental and the inner terrain are, we need to deal with those issues and let's bare in mind that Body, Mind and Spirit are connected. What follows about the body, mind and spirit connection is an excerpt from an article written by Robert E. Miller ND, CT, CII

As long as a cell is "fed" the proper nutrients and oxygen, and waste is removed, it will continue to function efficiently performing its assigned job. However, if any one of these necessary ingredients (nutrients, oxygen, and waste removal) becomes inadequate, the cell function deteriorates, and eventually the cell may die. Since we live and die at the cellular level, for all practical purposes, we will live as long as enough cells can function, and we will die when too many cells have died and the body can no longer function.


Traditional Chinese Medicine proposes that:
** fear affects the kidney meridian
** anger influences the liver meridian and heart
** worry impacts the stomach meridian
** while grief may alter Chi in the lung meridian.

Consequently, these negative emotions have the potential to alter the Chi, and thus may affect the underlying organs and body systems. Studies are now showing a statistical relationship between our emotions and health. One good example is how some studies are showing a relationship between a lifetime of anger and bitterness and heart disease. Therefore, for optimal health, perhaps we should examine the thought processes in our mind, and find if we have excessive stress, fear, worry or anger, and if we do, find some effective ways to deal with them (see below spiritual healing).

How do we view our self, our self-image, self-esteem, and our relationship with our family, friends, and our God ?

Studies are now showing a relationship between an individual's self-esteem and self image and their physical and emotional health. In our consulting business, we have met many clients who experience one ailment after another, desperately seeking every kind of traditional medical as well as holistic therapies, but yet all to no avail. More times than not, these clients have deep wounds from neglectful or abusive parents, and many emotional scars from dysfunctional and abusive marriages and relationships.

Essentially, they have a broken spirit, feel unworthy, unloved, and that something must be wrong with them. Often, these individuals have poor immune function and catch every cold or bug that comes around. Their spiritual life is poor, because they either view God as another judgmental entity who will just punish them, or they feel unworthy of a connection to a higher being. (see below spiritual healing).
Robert E. Miller ND, CT, CII

By Béatrice Duplantier-Rhea N.D. (1942-2012)

I trust myself because I am made through Love and of Love and I create Love. 
Love is all, thus gives power over everything including illness.
I have decided that I do not want illness even if my genes are showing inherited weaknesses, which could eventually lead to disease. 
This knowledge gives me the opportunity to manifest more love for myself and my lineage and the possibility of changing these weaknesses into strength. 
Through Love, I have the power to direct my life and my health and I manifest vibrant health.
I think and do everything as if it were here, in my hands, all granted by God.
Anything can be manifested including perfection.