By Dr. Watkins

You may have read or heard of news articles about aluminum being a possible cause of Alzheimer' s disease, paranoia and learning disabilities. Alzheimer's disease robs one of memory and life. It has to be one of the most terrible and dehumanizing things that torments our modern society.
Aluminum has a special affinity or liking for the brain and nervous system and heads straight for them. This pollutes and interrupts their function. Herbal practitioners have also confirmed that the glandular functions of many men and women have been restored when aluminum contamination is flushed from the body. Many baffling and confusing conditions that have not responded to anything all of a sudden clear up.

You may ask, "Where does all this aluminum contamination come from?"
That is a fair question. Here are a few of the most common sources: soda pop, beer, etc. in aluminum cans, baking powder used in our baked goods, aluminum drying agents in powdered food to prevent caking, aluminum cookware, baked potatoes and other foods baked in aluminum, over-the-counter preparations for upset stomach that contain aluminum-hydroxide, industrial manufacturing processes that dump aluminum into our air and water. . . and don't forget one of the worst things for a woman's body, underarm antiperspirants made with aluminum-chlorohydrate.
Be aware that salt has not been required to list its ingredients and yet may contain aluminum. Other products may list aluminum as alum or as a compound such as silicoaluminate. This may be deceiving you into thinking you have found safer food solutions.

Aluminum Cans Using aluminum pots and pans, or cooking and storing food using aluminum foil increases the amount of aluminum that your body ingests, also many city water purification processes use aluminum sulfate to clarify the very water that you drink! You have to figure whatever you put under your arm will wind up in the breasts and other parts of the body. You can see this is especially bad for women, and imagine the problems it can cause with the breasts. Put another way, we can safely say that most cancers in the body are caused by poisons.

Perhaps a little aluminum now and then does no great harm, but constant use of it, especially from so many man-made resources, can constitute a health threat. You hear much these days about bones not being able to retain enough calcium. It may interest you to know that aluminum competes with calcium for absorption in the body and lowers the female hormone, estrogen.

It is not just people who suffer from aluminum poisoning. Our dogs and cats fall prey to this aluminum contamination as well. Manufacturers of pet food, especially the dry type in bits, commonly use aluminum to keep it dry. If you notice that your pet has dry lusterless hair, is listless, has no energy, chewing wallboards and such and attempting to catch unseen things in the air, suspect aluminum poisoning.
Their blood tests quite often show, along with aluminum, pancreas, liver and kidney damage. Home-made dog foods can help a lot.

Interestingly enough, despite all the piles of scientific evidence from animal hair and skin analyses, our Food and Drug Administration and the National Institute for Health have shown no interest in investigating this situation.

For people and pets, the use of sea vegetables, especially one known as Bladderwrack, does wonders for flushing aluminum out of the body. This can be added to one's diet rather easily. For a person, 10 to 40 drops of a type of algae, liquid Bladderwrack (known as an extract) or one to four capsules per meal. And for a pet, depending on size, one to ten drops per meal or one to four capsules per day.

Here is a list of some genuine aluminum flushers


Horsetail may be a possible remedy for senility. Senility often occurs when there is more aluminum in the blood than silicon. When the silicon and aluminum levels are balanced, the symptoms of senility may disappear.


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Bladderwrack is a sea vegetable used for weight reduction.
It nourishes the thyroid -hypothyroidism- to help normalize weight. Bladderwrack also pushes aluminum out of the body and brain.


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Heavy Metal Detox

It can be used to detoxify heavy metals such as mercury or lead.

Where you find one type of metal poisoning, you often find others.

Heavy Metal Detox

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Excerpted from copyrighted material from The Center For Building Better Health Naturally, Inc.

Symptoms of aluminum poisoning

The symptoms of aluminum poisoning can mimic the symptoms of many common illnesses. If you suffer from a lack of ability to concentrate, from forgetfulness, depression, fatigue, anxiety or anger management issues, ADHD (attention deficit disorder), Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's disease, muscle weakness, breathing disorders, bowel and urinary dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, heart palpitations or chronic pain then the reason may be that you have ingested more aluminum than your body can handle.
Do you have an abnormal sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or an oversensitivity to light, darkness, noise, movement, aromas or other environmental stimuli?
If you have any of these above mentioned symptoms or illnesses then you might be suffering from aluminum poisoning.


All parts of the body do not absorb nutrients at the same rate. Some body parts need a little extra help. They may be weak, damaged or congested. For instance, the lymph glands may be stuffed with dead cells and poisons they just can't eliminate. The liver may be stunned with the residues from harmful medications and the chemical poisons sprayed on our vegetables and fruits to kill bugs. The bone marrow may be congested with chemically altered and artificial trans-fats. You run into a kind of toxic wasted dump in those parts of the body.

These areas may need some special help. Take the herbs internally and also put them directly over the organs or glands that are in trouble, two or three times per day. In this manner you nourish, clean, oxygenate, erase electrical upset to the nerves and repair body parts much easier. This is, of course, the great flexibility you have with high quality liquid herbs that are easily absorbed and straight from nature the way the Creator made them.

(Occupational Safety and Health Guideline for Aluminum)

Effects on Humans:
Aluminum dust is an eye and respiratory tract irritant in humans. Soluble aluminum salts are irritants when inhaled as aerosols [Hathaway et al. 1991].
Although inhalation of aluminum powder of particle size 1.2 um, given over 10- or 20-minute periods several times weekly resulted in no adverse health effects among thousands of workers over several years, several other studies report X-ray evidence of pulmonary fibrosis [Hathaway et al. 1991].

Some patients on long-term hemodialysis develop speech disorders, dementia, or convulsions. This syndrome is associated with increased concentration of aluminum in serum, brain, muscle, and bone [Amdur et al. 1991; Hathaway et al. 1991].
There is some evidence that Alzheimer's disease may be linked to aluminum content in the body [Amdur et al. 1991].
Analysis of the aluminum content in the brains of persons dying from Alzheimer's have shown increased levels, although brain aluminum levels vary greatly. A second correlating factor is that neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) have been identified in both aluminum encephalopathy and in Alzheimer's disease [Amdur et al. 1991].

However, it has been shown that the NFTs produced by the two conditions are structurally and chemically different and that NFTs are present in several other neurological disorders. It appears that the aluminum content of the brain is less an issue relating to exposure to aluminum than an issue of a blood-brain barrier defect or compromise of some kind [Amdur et al. 1991].