The phrase "Environmental Pollution" conjures up all sorts of images! One of the side effects of this modern tragedy is how the soils have been depleted of microorganisms that convert minerals into a biologically compatible form, along with the residual effects of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Even worse, the soils have become so saturated with these chemicals and the air borne pollutants that have fallen back onto the soil, that these self same toxic agents are now in the ground water supplies-world wide! The soil is virtually dead and, as a result, our foods are lacking in vital nutrients.   

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Nutraceuticals: Milk Thistle Combination, Super Antioxidant, Super ORAC and "Thai-Go, Super Trio


The glacial waters are diminishing as the glaciers recede from global warming due to increased carbon and environmental pollutants in the air. Samples of glacial ice tested 30 years ago show a lower level of environmental pollution than is seen in surface samples taken today.   

The point is that we are facing health challenges that no other people who have lived on the earth have ever faced before. Hence, we all need to be active in doing what we can to help clean up the pollution on our planet. However, our health and well being also demand that we pay serious attention to protecting our own bodies against the threats of environmental pollution.   

To combat environmental pollution, regardless of its sources, requires a strong immune system and a clean blood stream. It's the immune system that comes to the defense of the body to rid the system of toxins, environmental pollutants. The major challenge is counteracting the free radicals created by the interaction of these pollutants with the body's own naturally present chemicals.

People who work in polluted areas or with toxic chemicals of any kind (dry cleaners, beauty salons, labs, should consider taking remedies to protect their body from these pollutants. The following may help.