Ear Infection (Children)
Prevention (Lymphatic Drainage Technique)
Adults: See this page

A child's eustachian tubes don't turn downward until age 5.

Step 1.
Head & Neck
Thumbs firmly on forehead, gentle push laterally then downward. Repeat over nose and cheeks pushing outward - ear toward mouth.
Push downward under ear to neck, one side at a time.
This massage clears Eustachian tubes.

Step 2.
Release of Lymphatic Ducts
Child lying on back, parent behind child's head.
Find collar bone, palpate area just below bone. Lift arm & rotate in clockwise position at the same time. Area may be tender.

Step 3.
Thoracic Pump - (Parent is at head of child)
If child can cooperate, turn head to one side and ask child to take a big breath, and slowly exhale while parent gently pushes on upper chest with both hands (Caution: Do not push too hard - ribs can break easily!)
Do this technique after bath each night.
Don't let water get in ears.
Do technique 3x a day for severe cases.