This diet is for everyone who wants to stay healthy.
Coffee: 1 cup depletes 250 mg of calcium from your body.

Diet should be 80% alkaline, 20% acid - See pH Rules -
Try to cook with waterless cookware if possible.


Red meat, beef & pork

White sugar

White Flour

White Bread

Prepared Cereals

"Dead" Foods - Processed, Canned

Fluids with Meals, Iced Beverages with Meals, Pop,

Coffee, Black Tea, Alcohol.

Table Salt, Black Pepper

Cow's Milk Products, Pasteurized

Head Lettuce


Fried Foods

Tap Water Foods

Containing Hydrogenated Oils

Peanut Butter

Fish, chicken, turkey - bake, broil, roast

Honey, Maple Syrup, Date Sugar, Fruit Source

Fresh, Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Flour

Whole-Grain Breads or Sprouted

Cooked Whole Grains

Fresh Foods Raw or Lightly Steamed

Fluids 30 Minutes Before or After Meals Room-Temp. Beverages If taken with Meals Herb Teas, Fruit or vegetables Juices

Vegetables Seasoning, Kelp, Capsicum

Goat's Milk Prod., Raw, To-Fu Milk, Soya Cheese

Leaf Lettuce

Foods that Spoil

Raw or Lightly Steamed Foods

Evian water - 6-8 glasses

Foods Containing natural Oils, Olive Oil (virgin, cold pressed) is best.

Peanut Butter