Cysts are closed sacs with distinct membranes that are usually fluid filled. They form abnormally in a cavity or other structure of the body. Detoxification is essential for eliminating cysts.

General cleansers like All Cell Detox and Enviro-Detox may be helpful. Plantain is a very good for breaking up cysts. Coconut oil is beneficial when applied to sebaceous cysts on the scalp.

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Therapies: Castor Oil Pack, Cleansing Programs and Poultice

Herbs: Barley Grass, Chickweed, Kelp and Red Clover

Herbal Formulas: All Cell Detox, Enviro-Detox, Kidney Activator, Lymphatic Drainage, Red Beet Root Formula and SF

Nutrients: Protease Plus and Vitamin A & D

Essential Oils: Helichrysum and Peppermint

Topicals: Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray