Bronchial Congestion
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND
See also Bronchitis

The following remedies may be helpful when the bronchial passages are swollen or congested with mucus. Decongestant remedies and remedies that reduce inflammation are particularly helpful here.

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Therapies: Aromatherapy, Cleansing Programs and Hydration

Herbs: Chickweed, Cordyceps, Licorice Root, Mullein and Oregon Grape

Herbal Formulas: ALJ , Breathe Activator, Bronchial Formula, E-W and IF-C

Nutrients: MSM, N-Acetyl Cysteine and Pantothenic Acid

Nutraceuticals: Adrenal Support, HistaBlock and Milk Thistle Combination